Trey in Hot Water – Stuck in Customs

Trey in Hot Water

Strange Things I’ve Seen/Done so Far Here:

I like to do my best to give timely updates when I am off on a photo adventure…. so while I am here in Iceland for about two weeks, I wanted to pop in on occasion with some new stuff!

  • Got my metal tripod stuck in an electric fence for 11 seconds.  That was 11 long seconds of shocks…  (was meant to keep the sheep in and photographers out)
  • Received a wake-up call at 8 PM
  • Took photos behind a waterfall at 3 AM
  • Avoided a dive-bombing bird who was upset at me for some reason
  • Found two caves
  • Drove for 3 hours without seeing another car

Daily Photo – Trey in Hot Water

In some spots, this water is like a lukewarm bath.  In other places, it’s like falling in fresh magma.  I wish I could get some place that’s right in between…. you know… about the temperature of a molten lava cake.

The water is a strange, but natural, light-blue color.   Really, milky-white is a more apt desciption.  The edges of the water are black lava rock, and the water laps up on it, giving it a fine white stain all around the outside.

The whole time I was in here, I kept thinking this must be good for my skin…. removing toxins or something… that’s what they say, but who really knows.  Conceivably, it could be inserting more toxins into my body.

There is a fine silica there that you can spread all over to make a little mud mask. I didn’t really do a full mud mask since I’m not a woman.