The Kiss – Stuck in Customs

The Kiss

New Limited Edition Prints Available

Every week, a new print comes available.  It’s always a pleasure to make these available to collectors and the like.  Each of them is numbered to ensure each one is unique.  We keep a record of the original owners of these so there is trail, which you should also follow if you want to check on the authenticity of a work.  There are a lot of rogue printing companies out there, but just by purchasing via this link, you can be assure it is authentic.

This week’s print is “The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto“. It’s one of my favorites from Japan, and I’m sure you’ll see why.


Daily Photo – The Kiss

I’m sure most of you recognize this from the famous photo in New York after the war. I’ve wondered if that photographer took hundreds of photos that day and all of them were horrible except for the famous one. I’ve had days like that! Anyway, I’d love to see all of his various work from that day to see what else he snapped up.

That photo has been recreated here into a giant statue in San Diego. It now sits in front of the huge aircraft carrer, which you can see in the distance, enshrouded in fog.