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Your Road Ahead

Charity Update

We are up to $4,200 donated so far in our Stuck In Customs Kiva Team! Thanks everyone. I know that those of you that put money in are having a good time watching what happens to it… I know that most everything I put in gets paid back. What has been your experience? I’m curious!

Daily Photo – Your Road Ahead

While in New Zealand, we took a series of roads in the south island to go out into the country for an afternoon of archery. On the way there, the roads became less and less robust, and smaller roads would peel off in different directions. I spotted this road and pulled over to take a shot. This one called for the 70-200mm lens to get that interesting compression factor.

The archery was a lot of fun. We visited a little farm, and a 10-year-old girl was running the archery bit. My 9-year-old, Ethan, took a liking to her. So that she could better understand him, he did his best to put on his fake New Zealand accent.

At one point, she asked Ethan, with eyes wide, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to visit America. Tell me! What is it like?”

Ethan crinkled his brow, in deep concentration, and said, “You see, it’s rather booooteefull.”