The Lincoln Memorial – Stuck in Customs

The Lincoln Memorial

David DuChemin’s eBooks

Who is David DuChemin? He’s a great photographer, a fantastic writer, an insightful teacher, and a fun guy. What else could you ask for?

I have been exploring and reading some of David’s new eBooks. David has published two “traditional” books through Peachpit (also my publisher), and now he is putting a lot of energy into eBooks. These are very reasonably priced (around $5), so I suggest you check them out.

After reading several of David’s eBooks, I can see how much time and thought he has put into them. The books are not huge, nor are they little pamphlets. They are just about right… there is no doubt that you feel like you got more than your money’s worth. To see more, visit Tell me what you think!

Daily Photo – The Lincoln Memorial

DC is certainly one of those no-tripod areas, especially when very close to some of the key installations. And, some of those Federal guards are not the ones who are up for a good argument. I wonder sometimes if they do a little face-recognition on me and get a general sense of my Libertarianism. That surely would not help me win any arguments…

So I had to take this one handheld. It was dark inside and the time was way past sunset. Since the only ambient light was manmade, I had to wedge myself into a corner to keep the camera as still as possible for the exposures. Of course, quick shutter speeds are a must, so I cranked up the ISO a bit to keep things snappy.