Ginza, Tokyo in the Rain & “The World Highest Resolution Tiled Display Wall” event! – Stuck in Customs

Ginza, Tokyo in the Rain & “The World Highest Resolution Tiled Display Wall” event!

See me Thursday Night!

There is a cool and unique event here in Austin that should be fun for all art-lovers! You are invited to stop by and say hello!

My work is being displayed on “The World Highest Resolution Tiled Display Wall” at a special event put on by the UT Department of Art & Art History Graduate School, and the Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA). It sounds fun!

Here are the details:

Facebook Event Click Here
Thursday April 29
5:30 to 7:30 PM
in the TACC Visualization Laboratory
— The ACES building is at 24th & Speedway.
— Parking is available in the San Jacinto garage, at 24th & San Jacinto.
at The University of Texas at Austin
ACE 2.404a

Featuring Lawrence McFarland, Trey Ratcliff, Robert Melton,
Ricardo Meleschi and Morgan Gaither

Gizmodo HDR Contest

I entered the photo below in the big Gizmodo HDR contest! I found out about it when I got back from Japan. What is strange (and a small world!) is that the photo featured at the top of that contest is from /\ltus, who is the friend I stayed with for three days while in Tokyo! And, even more small-worldish, the photo I submitted was also from Tokyo! It had to be a photo taken in the last week, so I thought it fit the bill in many ways.

Daily Photo – Ginza, Tokyo in the Rain

It had been raining all afternoon and it continued right through dusk. Luckily, the D3X seems impervious to rain, ice, sleet, and snow (deep experience in all four), so I just ignored all the elements in this case too.

Ginza is a really cool, upscale area of Tokyo. The buildings are huge and gleaming with every possible color. It comes alive right at dusk. I ran out into the middle of the street to do my best to capture all the action of the scene.