Sleeping Snow Monkeys – Stuck in Customs

Sleeping Snow Monkeys

Another New Video Soon!

I just finished editing together a cool video interview I did with Alfie Goodrich here in Japan a few days ago. He has borrowed an awesome medium-format digital camera, and I asked him a bunch of questions about it. I think you will enjoy learning a little about the camera, about Alfie, and about his photography!

Daily Photo – Sleeping Snow Monkeys

This was not an easy place to find!

I’ve always wanted to come see the wild snow monkeys… and so I just decided to make it happen this trip. Way up in the mountains of Japan, near Nagano, there is a troop of several dozen wild snow monkeys that roam all around a set of mountains. I didn’t know if I’d be lucky enough to catch them or not… some say it is hard, and some people say it is easy. But you never really know! I set out to do my best and see what I could find.

Towards the very top of the cold mountain, there is a hot spring that churns out super-heated water that smells of sulfur. It fills this little pool and the monkeys come down during the day to lounge about, play, rest, eat, and all kinds of other wonderful things.

I spent two days on this mountainside.  In the evening, I slept on the floor of a nearby ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese inn.  There are about 30+ more stories about things that happened here, including eating crunchy crickets, but I will leave those to accompany future photos.