Super Happy Hoppy Fun Beer – Stuck in Customs

Super Happy Hoppy Fun Beer

New Release – The Opera House

I’ve always loved this photo. It’s so strange and different. This was shot in Ukraine, and you can see that old Soviet-era car parked in front on the snowy driveway. That blue light is all real and wonderful.

This next print, The Opera House, is the latest to be added to our Limited Edition Numbered Series. It’s available on paper or canvas. Each one is unique. They start at around $99 and go up if you want something more grand for your home.

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Daily Post – Super Happy Hoppy Fun Beer

Tokyo is awesome! It’s like someone went and built the perfect Japanese place in Disneyworld and then made it real! I know that sounds kinda stupid — but maybe you know what I mean! 🙂

I love how they use cute animals to sell everything in Japan. If you don’t like cute animals and beer, then what kind of person are you, anyway? What kind of twisted, sick, aberrant member of a proper society doesn’t like fuzzy animals chugging beer? I wonder if there are an Japanese people that are into furries. I learned all I know about furries from CSI. That glowing-blue light was workin’ overtime that evening! 🙂