Osaka to Tokyo – Stuck in Customs

Osaka to Tokyo

Do These Glasses Make me look Gay?

Hehe…  My friend Scott Kublin took a photo of me and put it on Flickr.  Once a photo is on Flickr, it can be added by any user to a Gallery.  Today I found out that I’ve been added to what appears to be a rather gay-sounding gallery with an Italian name, which my browser translates as “Pretty Boys (or Fine Boys) with Glasses”.  Haha… I don’t know how I ended up in there…  I consider this quite an achievement, since I figure that gay Italians are even more picky than the average gay.  Although, this is pure speculation on my part…

You can see the Chicos lindos con Lentes Flickr Gallery Here.

That was a nice picture from Scott, eh?  I wasn’t posing… just deep in thought about something that I am sure was important at the time.  BTW, Scott was one of my students and really helped out a lot with the workshop we had down in Austin. Word has it that he will be joining us in London for the workshop there too…. so maybe he will work some of his portrait magic on some of our London peeps too! 🙂

Daily Photo – From Osaka to Tokyo

I’m not too far from popping over to Japan for a bit for the Tokyo Workshop. This time, I’m flying into Osaka, which is connected to their amazing bullet train network. Did you know that you can buy a bullet train pass from outside the country for a fraction of the price? And for that, you get unlimited bullet train usage all over the country… what a deal!

This was shot from atop one of Tokyo’s biggest towers. I’ve yet to have any trouble shooting in Tokyo with a tripod, and I hope writing that does not jinx me!