One Plane Alone at the End of the Night – Stuck in Customs

One Plane Alone at the End of the Night

Upcoming Guest Blogger

In not too long, I look forward to featuring a surprise guest blogger sometime this week.  I have the whole article ready to go, and we will spring it on you soon!

You might enjoy these previous guest bloggers, for something a bit different:

  • Miss Aniela – a photographer friend in the UK.  Maybe I can talk her into stopping by the workshop!
  • Kook Ewo – with a name like that, he’s gotta be cool!

Daily Photo – One Plane Alone at the End of the Night

Here we are at Santa Monica Airport deep in the night.  It was quiet.  And peaceful.

I spend a massive amount of time at airports.  I’m usually totally alone, and, most of the time, this is perfectly all right.  I’ve developed an ever-changing internal dialog that keeps me mentally stimulated at all times.  I’m glad no one can read my thoughts… surely they would find the cacophonous chorus to be the height of lunacy.  And then, when things finally bubble over, well, it is nice to have a kindred spirit around.