What is Isabella Watching? – Stuck in Customs

What is Isabella Watching?

I hope you all have a great week!

Since we are just starting out a new one together, I thought I would share a rare personal video that is a bit mysterious in nature… I know we have a lot of creative people that can imagine all sorts of crazy things, so let’s see what you can come up with from the video below! This is Isabella… She is my 2nd child, four years old, and quite a sensitive little flower, as all girls certainly can be…

You can see my son Ethan, leaning over from time to time, watching Isabella’s reaction.  He’s hardly the paragon of brotherly support in times like this.  You can also see Tina there holding my sweet backup camera and grabbing some shots of her own.

So…. what could Isabella possibly be watching?

EDIT – Answer – #8 commenter below Jeremy nailed it! We were watching a sheep get sheared in Hobbiton !
What we realized later was that we told Isabella what these people were, and she heard “Sheephurters”. After, she asked, “Mom, why would anyone want to be a sheep hurter?”