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Once You’re Dead, it’s Too Late

Get More Internet Stimulation!

I made a video to show you how to use Tweetdeck to stay connected to members of the Stuck In Customs community!

You all have always been very supportive, and I have gotten to know many of you either directly or indirectly via your comments.  I think you all will enjoy getting to know one another as well!  Typically, by the way, only 1% of readers comment — but a much greater percentage are very active on Twitter.  Remember Twitter gets much much better when you follow people who make good tweets!  If you are new to Twitter, you don’t have to stress out about what to say… just enjoy following interesting people!

To get your setup, do the following

Other suggestions for Tweetdeck:

  • Whatever interests you, make a “Search” column for it.  For example, my mom loves “General Hospital”, so I made a new Tweetdeck column for her with it.  Now, whenever anyone on twitter mentions something about General Hospital, she is the first to know!
  • Turn off the annoying sounds and the little popup notifier under the settings.  For me, it gets to be too much to constantly see updates!

Linking to SmugMug

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Daily Photo – Once You’re Dead, it’s Too Late

I don’t know why I enjoy visiting cemeteries so much. They are great motivators for me, really… to get out there and start doin’ stuff.

I try not to let things I really want to do go by the wayside, but some things can’t be controlled, I assume. I certainly go through life with a no-fear attitude, and I guess I shouldn’t expect everyone around me to be exactly the same…

Anyway, maybe cemeteries only make me think this way about stuff, especially desolate, remote cemeteries like this one in the cold windy plains of southern Iceland.