The Homestead – Stuck in Customs

The Homestead

Topaz Adjust 4 is Fun!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Topaz Adjust 4 is now out, and I’m having a lot of fun with it! I took a while today on Twitter to answer questions about HDR and the book. One gentleman asked me about what settings I like the most in Topaz Adjust. I answered with “Photo Pop”, “Dramatic”, and “Portrait Drama”. All of those are quite nice… and great starting points for further adjustments.

Daily Photo – The Homestead

I took my campervan from 90 KPH to 0 as soon as I saw this place on the side of the road! This caused some mild excitement with my two kids that were nestled in their clubhouse above my driver’s seat.  This was a move they came to expect over the coming days.

It seemed just like the kind of place that I needed to shoot. The old house was abandoned and falling apart. So, of course, after I took shots of the outside, I ventured inside to really have a look. I got a ton of photos, and here is the first.