Workshop in Tokyo & London announced – Stuck in Customs

Workshop in Tokyo & London announced

Newsletter full of Workshop Announcements!

The Stuck In Customs Newsletter #12 just flew out the door with more information on these two events. I’m only going to do two workshops in 2010, and these will be great weekend events. Each of them will be small and intimate, just like the one in Austin so there is plenty of one-on-one time.

Daily Photo – The Peaceful Ryokan Baths of Hakone

Whilst on my last trip to Japan, I did feel like a samurai photographer, traveling the countryside hard by day, and sleeping in ryokan by night.

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, and they feature everything one might expect from the visions that are coming in and out of your head.  There is a tatami floor, with a mat or futon upon it.  The rooms are separated by classical sliding doors of rice paper.  There are also communal or private hot baths for relaxation.  In the one below, I had a private bath that overlooked the countryside near Hakone.  This room also came with a traditional Japanese dinner served by women in full and traditional Japanese outfits.

After dinner, and by the time I got myself out of that tub, I think I was more physically drained than I had ever been in my life… it was just wonderful… and I look forward to more ryokans on this next trip!