Trey Ratcliff Speech at Google (and the new Google Holodeck!) – Stuck in Customs

Trey Ratcliff Speech at Google (and the new Google Holodeck!)

[email protected] Talk is now Online

I was very excited and honored to speak at Google for their [email protected] program. The people I met there were cool, interesting, and genuinely into in HDR Photography. The team there recorded the whole presentation and have recently put it online — so now you all can see.

I hope you all enjoy and get something out of it.  Besides what is included in the video, what else would you like to hear me talk about?  What burning questions do you have?  I’d be happy to squeeze them into one of my “Van Down By The River” speeches in the future! 🙂

I need to go in and annotate this video like, at 12:41, 5 shot vs. 7 shot HDR, etc (I just made that up… but, I do mention that somewhere in there…  and then people could many of the common questions answered that I commonly get).

You can see the full [email protected] YouTube Video here.

Shots from Inside the Googleplex

After I was done with the speech, I gave an workshop to some of the Google employees. It was very fun and stimulating… but, while waiting on that to begin, I went around to grab images from inside the Googleplex. These have all been approved by corporate communications, so I can release them!

Herein, you will see one of the mysterious hallways of Google, the new Google Holodeck (well, pseudo-holodeck), which is showing Google Earth on the moon (you can zoom in, spin around, etc etc), and the last is Spaceship One, which has been lowered through the roof. Awesome, eh?