Nikon D3S Review is up – with sample video – Stuck in Customs

Nikon D3S Review is up – with sample video

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The Reviews section of the site is filling up fast! I only review stuff that I actually use, but I find myself using more and more stuff! Also, I figure that most people don’t have time to wade through a hundred reviews, and you just want the best stuff out there… that’s what I focus on – The Best Stuff!

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Nikon D3S

It’s a great camera. It’s so great I bought one to be a backup for my D3X. Truthfully, it’s more than just a backup — well, rather than repeat myself, you can read the full thing on the Nikon D3S Review page.

Here is a sample video taken with the Nikon D3S.

The D3S is very fast with low noise, so it makes for a great hand-held HDR weapon in your arsenal… and, with that, here is a new photo for the day:

Enola Gay

This is a 5-exposure HDR of the Enola Gay at the Air and Space Museum in DC.  It was shot with a 14-24 lens and the Nikon D3S.  The aperture was F/8 and ISO 200.

Last, here is a picture of my daughter Isabella in very very low light, where the D3S really excels

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Here is my daughter in downtown Tampa.  How’s that for low-light performance?  Shot with an 85mm 1.4 lens.  This is ISO 1250 on an 85mm lens shot at f/1.4.  1/90th of a second.