The Raised Bones of Arlington National Cemetery – Stuck in Customs

The Raised Bones of Arlington National Cemetery

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Silver Efex Pro

The shot below is a black and white HDR that had some treatment in Silver Efex Pro.

Daily Photo – The Raised Bones of Arlington National Cemetery

My friend John P from One Man’s Blog suggested that I visit this place while I am on my little trip to DC. It was already on my list, but he bumped it up! I went there to shoot at sunset, and got back to the hotel in enough time to process.

To be honest, it’s quite difficult to make 365 images per year that pass my quality standards! Really! Maybe it looks easy or something… but I assure you it is not! Hehe…

Anyway, it was just my young son and I wandering around the cemetery for a few hours as the sun was going down on a dreary and rainy day here in Washington, D.C. Arlington National Cemetery is considered hallowed grounds around here, and it was a life-changing experience for my son.

After a long walk in a nearly empty cemetery, we made our way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The entire facility was closing, and the guard told us it was time to leave. I talked to him for a moment, and he let my son and I through. We went to the steps of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and sat there for a long time. We were totally alone except for the solitary Honor Guard who was guarding the tomb. There was a light rain and not much day remaining. The Honor Guard walked towards one end of the path, clicked his heels, checked his gun, stood guard, then strode back and forth along his short route. It was completely amazing to be there alone in the rain… just watching this happen again and again.

The Raised Bones of Arlington National Cemetery