Feeling on top of the world in Tokyo – And Happy New Year – Stuck in Customs

Feeling on top of the world in Tokyo – And Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a great one. That you SO much for all the support and happiness you brought me this last year. I sincerely appreciate it.

Let me know what else I can do in 2010 to help make it pretty and fun for you!

New Audio Interview with Rick Sammon on DPExperience

When I was in New York at B&H Photo, I sat down for an interview with Rick Sammon for his new DPExperience podcast. Give it a listen and be sure to drop Rick and Juan Pons a note there and let them know what you think

Listen to the short interview here!

Daily Photo – Feeling on top of the world in Tokyo

There are different kinds of joy a man can feel, and I think I felt all of them at the same time in this very spot.

Tokyo has an enormous tower in the middle of Roppongi that overlooks the sprawling megopolis. The architecture inside and outside is beautiful, and I did my best to pay homage to the greatness of the vision behind it. Every window is a different experience and it is the sort of place you just don’t want to go to alone.

Feeling on top of the World in Tokyo  (And HAPPY NEW YEAR Flickr mates!)