onOne Plugin Suite Review – Stuck in Customs

onOne Plugin Suite Review

The Book Giveaway by Frederick Van

My book, “A World in HDR“, was just given away in dramatic manner by one Frederick Van in his video awards show. His awards show was completely devoid of attractive models holding my book, awarding prizes with gratuitous poses, and graciously thanking Fred for using Craigslist to search for “French Maid Costume”.

Amie Larson, you are the winner! As usual, feel free to ask me any questions you might have on Twitter, and I’ll do my best to answer…

onOne Plugin Suite Review

This software and these cool onOne tools are amazing and fun. I really dig them! I’ve been tinkering and experimenting for quite a while, and I finally decided to get my act together and write a full review.

People that joined the Facebook Fan Page got a sneak preview of this review, and now I can open it up to the rest of the world – I hope you enjoy it!

The onOne Plugin Review holds all the secrets and more inside. If you enjoy seeing what the latest technology can do to your photos, well, then, you’ll love all unexpected surprises that will open themselves in your computer!

Below are a few screens from the review.

PhotoTools 2.5Professional Edition - The Open Road in Iceland copy (28.08%)-1

onOne PhotoTools has a ton of very cool filter options. Under the Landscape Enhance, this is the “Wow Landscape” – I subtly applied it here – You can see a “Fade” value in the top right

Mask Pro

onOne Mask Pro allows you to “select” areas that can be back-breaking… You can see the parts of Natalia’s furry hood that I wanted to keep and what I wanted to drop

PhotoFrame 4.5 • Library-2

onOne PhotoFrame has an amazing number of “frames” from traditional to grunge to Scrapbook-Mommy