Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays – Stuck in Customs

Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays

HDR Spotting Testimonial

I started (and see the Editor’s Picks too) with a friend to help bring more attention to other HDR photographers out there. We developed a cutting-edge “attention generation engine”, designed to increase traffic for new and old artists all over the world. The site is still in beta, and thus, invite only. You have to know someone to get an invite (don’t ask me – I don’t hand them out). But you can pick up extra in the HDR group on Facebook, Flickr, and keep searching Twitter for when people have extras to give away.

Here is a testimonial from Brian Matiash:

I was first drawn to HDR Spotting because of the high quality HDR images that were shared by some very talented photographers. Since then, posting my best HDR images to HDR Spotting has become a natural part of my post-processing workflow. When a shot is finalized and ready to share, one of its first stops is at HDR Spotting. Now, most of my images average at least 1,500 views and my Editor’s Choice shots average between 7,000 – 8,500 extra views!! I really am loving this added visibility to my work. Great job with the site, keep up the great work!

Smashing Magazine Book

Do you guys know Smashing Magazine? It’s a great design resource, and they were kind enough to run this controversial piece by me called “10 Easy Steps to Advanced Photography Skills“.

They have a new book out that is doing very well. It’s called the “The Smashing Book“, and if you are a designer or just interested in the subject matter, it’s a great resource!

Daily Photo – Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays

I took this about the same time I went into Grand Central Station and performed my unique star-pattern maneuver to evade security guards. I described it in detail the next day when I spoke at B&H.

I’ve perfected a panoply of techniques to circumnavigate and befuddle security guards who don’t like tripods. Maybe I will write a little e-book on this some day.

Grand Central on a Rainy Night During the Holidays