Morning in the High Nevada Desert – Stuck in Customs

Morning in the High Nevada Desert

Frederick Van’s First HDR

I speak to groups all the time in all possible venues. I have about five different talks based on the audience, but one of the fundamental messages that runs throughout is the basic notion that I can teach anyone to do this stuff with my HDR Tutorial. More and more people are either just getting into photography or are seasoned pros that just want to learn new tricks. HDR has something for everybody, and I get really excited when I see people getting a kick out of it!

So Fred posted his first HDR on his blog, just one day after he announced a giveaway for my book! I think it’s great the way he did it too… really talked it out and linked back in the healthy Creative Commons way.

New Collectable Limited Edition Print Available

Every week we have a “New Print Event”, in which one of the best works from the portfolio becomes available for order. This week it is “The River Runs Through the Andes“. It was shot in Patagonia while I was trying to find a path through to a glacial lake. It turned out to be getting too late in the evening, and I couldn’t find an easy way to cross this river, so I turned around to sleep on it, and find a new path in the morning.

Want more info? See the “Prints” area.

The River Runs Through the Andes

Daily Photo – Morning in the High Nevada Desert

I did nearly freeze to death that morning! I woke up at a brisk 4:45 AM to get ready for this event, which is always a painful time, especially in Las Vegas. I was going out to shoot just as some various sorts were rolling back into the hotel! I bet my friend Cameron, who had a car heated and ready for us downstairs.

He had a secret spot just over an hour outside of the city. We switchbacked up a mountain until we began hitting the snow layer, nearing the peak. We jumped out, and I almost instantly froze into place like a cartoon caveman in a block of ice. What a time to forget my gloves! We set up for shots, took a few, then ran back to the car, screaming like little girls in the cold. It was actually great fun and I had a good time. As we were driving off, I asked Cameron to stop the car so I could jump out and take one last shot – this is it.

Morning in the High Nevada Desert