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Drobo Contest – Comment to win!

Win a Drobo by adding a comment below about “How I would use my Drobo!” You can add something like:

  • “I want to use it to store photos of my family! I need them backed up safely!”
  • “The Drobo is so big, I can keep all my movies and digital assets on it!”
  • “I want to store pictures of LOLCats, and I have 30 million of those stupid things.”

The Prize:

An awesome four-drive Drobo – the best kind with Firewire 800 and USB 2.0. More product info here.

Consolation Prize:

Well, you can go ahead and claim it RIGHT NOW if you wish, use the code “DROBOHDR” to get $50 off. You can buy right from the Drobo page linked here.

Contest Details

  • Starts: Now!
  • Ends: December 21st Midnight CST
  • Winner: Randomly selected from the comments using a random number generator.
  • Entries: One per person.


Thanks everyone! We had 1589 entries get in under the wire.

The winner, chosen at Random.org , was 1253, Izac.

Izac’s information has been sent to Drobo, and they will ensure he gets a shiny new Drobo!

If you lost, you can still use the code “DROBOHDR” to get $50 off! Purchase from Drobo here.

How I use my Drobo

I’ve been using my Drobo for well over a year to back up everything! If I were to lose my photos because of a hard drive crash, I’d be lost. Just lost. And not just my most important portfolio photos, but also the very important ones from my family. You can read more on my Drobo Review page.

Here are a few of the mission-critical photos that I store on the Drobo!

Winter is Coming

Alone at the Taj

An Evening Stroll Around the Cabin

The Pinewood Derby - He Cried When we Lost
Here is my son and I after the Pinewood Derby. He cried when he lost… So did I, of course… how can you not?