The Solitary Lighthouse – Stuck in Customs

The Solitary Lighthouse

Photo-related Christmas Presents

What is everyone getting for Christmas presents this year that are photo-related?  I’m of course asking for a few lenses (started a discussion on the FB Fan page here) — what about you?

Also, I am thinking about ordering a bunch of these eStarling photo frames for my extended family.  They look cool because I can just email them photos and they show up right in their frames… same for movies and stuff.  It seems smart!  Maybe you all have heard of similar internet-enabled easy-to-use frames?

Daily Photo – The Solitary Lighthouse

Icelandic lighthouses are pretty rough places.  Well, I bet any Scandinavian lighthouse must be pretty tough…   and I bet the salty old characters that live in them are tough as nails.  You can see the high icy contrails in the extreme atmosphere… but it seemed like those same icy winds were whipping around at ground-level too.  Once again, I was reminded that I really need to get a good pair of gloves!

I don’t think living in a freezing lighthouse is for me.  Maybe if I had a slanket and high-speed internet, I could take it for a few weeks.  Speaking of slankets and snuggies and stuff…  I heard there was one you can get for air-travel and it has an inflatable neck-pillow inside if it.  I can’t imagine anything quite so pre-meditated… but actually it sounds kind of nice!

The Solitary Lighthouse