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First of Numbered Series on eBay, New York Party, Twitter winner!

First of Numbered Series on eBay

We are having an eBay auction for the First in the numbered series of prints. Just as with the books, a percentage of all profits goes to Kiva (click for the Charity page here). The auction only has 2 days left (Newsletter subscribers found out first), so, if you are a collector, this is a great opportunity!

The print is called “The Lonely Road to the Dinosaur Dig”. It was taken one evening in northern Montana near the Canadian border. I was on a dinosaur dig with Jack Horner and had taken an ATV out on a joy ride one night. It unceremoniously caught on fire, and left me stranded a long way from home with just my camera and the sunset.

9x9 print - The Road to the Dinosaur Dig

Twitter Contest Winner

Day 2 of the Twitter Contest is just starting now! Congrats to Jean Loh who won the first day with her amazing submission. Remember, she didn’t even take the photo! It’s all about sharing on Twitter to find great art out there. Hop on over to to see the winners and several other incredible submissions!

The Happy Book Winner!

Jean Loh posted this photo by Scott Weber entitled “Lower Lewis River Falls”.

For more information, visit The Judge’s Page!

There are two more days to win! Visit the Twitter Contest page for details… and keep a search on the hashtag#hdrbook on Twiitter for a steady stream of great art from fantastic photographers from around the net.

New York Party Invitation

The great Fabien Barrel has come through again with a very nice design for our New York Book Party invitation. If you are in the area, I look forward to meeting you on the 14th of December! Stop on by, and come over to the Facebook Party Event and RSVP!

New York Party Invite