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Guest Blogger – Kook Ewo

Thanks for all the great responses yesterday on the “Connecting the Community” post. Now, be sure you go in there and explore people in the community. They put their stuff on their because they are ready for more friends, followers, and sharing. Sharing art and ideas online with others is certainly the present and the future, so be sure to show your support by following/friending them! I’m going to go through the whole list myself and finding great stuff. It’s a GREAT way to start your Twitter list of people to follow if you are just getting started!

We have a special guest blogger today. Subscribers to the Free Newsletter got a sneak peek of this thing last week! Now I will bring it to everyone.

Kook Ewo. What a name! How can you not be cool with a name like that?

As you guys know, I get inspiration from a great many places and things outside of traditional photography. Kook is an amazing motion graphics visual artist. You have probably seen several Hollywood blockbuster movies that feature his title sequences. You’ll recognize some from his links below. Just like fellow Frenchman, Fabien Barral, who designed the website, I’ve had Kook Ewo design the title sequence for videos. You’ll notice his fine work in the first few seconds of this PR Demo Reel video.

Below is Kook’s Guest Post (I’ve left in many of his own words because it sounds French, foreign, and interesting!):

1) Where can everyone see your demo reel?

The best way is to have a look on my website ! 😉

2) Tell us a little about you – what should people know?

My name is Kook Ewo. I’m 30 and living in Paris, France.

i’m a title sequence designer. That means my job is to work in direct relation with a film director to help him create the title sequence he wants (a kind of vfx supervisor but only for the title sequence). Sometimes i make the title sequence by myself (for ex solomon kane or silent hill) and sometimes i conceptualize it (write a text explaining what could happen, in accordance with the director, then make storyboards, previz etc), and then i have to find the good company or indie (never happenned yet but i’ll be happy to !) to make it : for ex, on “Splice” i asked the Chezeddy’s guys who did an excellent job. The company could be anywhere in the world and it can be a vendor that is already working on the movie, so that’s quite a simple approach.

3) Tell us about your philosophy about being an artist.

Well I would say.. “being an artist’ in our days is very relative because of all the influences we are swiming into ! So the main thing would be to find when/where we are ourselves, and try to keep it as long as possible ! It’s quite hard. I think as so much things are easy and spectacular to make today with our brand new machines ! So in my case, that means I try (try is the word !) each time to not to use the last trendies effects and try to work more on the concept by respecting the movie (and the directors) i’m working on… It’s really like fashion, sometime you see things that looks gorgeous but one year after, it looks so odd. Well, same in my job : i have to see what the “today style” is but, i have to make something which won’t get old in one year, when the movie will be released… !!

4) Tell us about your Future.

In the next years I want to continue to work with good directors to make them happy and excited by their title sequence ! What I would love (it’s actually beginning with one movie next year) is to imagine title sequence before the shootings.. cause I think it could be a way of experimenting so much new ideas…

I’m also working on two feature scripts that I hope i’ll direct someday.. now I’ve directed two shorts you can see on my website !

kook ewo - title sequence designer - director