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The Waters of Thailand

My friend Ben Willmore is heading to Asia and looking for suggestions! I recommended exploring the waters of Thailand… it’s really a very cool and unique area. Maybe not the “cleanest” waters in the world… but certainly good for photography. Below is a collection of a few for you! The last one is of a very crowded floating market, about two hours outside of Bangkok.

Also, have you all ever heard of Cali Lewis on Geekbrief.TV? It’s a good show that I subscribe to. Anyway, she recently used one of my backgrounds on her little newscast. You can see the video here. if you like what you see, send her a note that it’s cool! 🙂 I do this sort of thing via Creative Commons (no commercial use without permission)… I like it when people re-purpose the art to use in new and creative ways like this. Cool.

Bangkok Belly Flop

Hot Raw Sewage

Escape from the Thai Snake Farm width=

Jam at the Floating Market