Interview on ABC about HDR Photos – Stuck in Customs

Interview on ABC about HDR Photos

Last week about this time we had the PhotoWalk here in Austin. Thanks again to everyone that came out! I emphasized that an important part of the night was sharing, so I wanted to point to the two places where everyone shared their work. The first is the Facebook Event and the second is this Flickr Thread in my group (to which you are invited, of course). Feel free to come see some of the photo work of the participants and join in the comments!

This photo here is from Ed Sparks, who works at ABC here in Austin. He’s a regular on the blog, and I was glad to meet him in person! He was snapping away during the interview and took this shot. Here is a link to the interview…of course it’s dated now since it was talking about the PhotoWalk last week, but you might enjoy it nonetheless!

Interview on ABC about HDR Photography