Towering Above Seoul – Stuck in Customs

Towering Above Seoul

Seoul is one of those cities that keeps going in every direction to the horizon. Those mountains in the distance are really really far away, and it’s non-stop activity between here and there. I’ve always wanted to try taking the subway to the end, but never quite had the opportunity to do so. But, while there, I did get to know the subway system pretty well.

I was amazed at how the girls on the subways would take non-stop photos of themselves with their mobile phones. They would look at themselves, make a few adjustments, show their friends, then do it again and again. You don’t see that here in the states… (yet!)

I believe (the smart readers here will correct me if I’m wrong) that this is facing north. Seoul is right on the border of North Korea, so it’s just a short distance to the edge. In fact, it’s so short that they occasionally find tunnels that come up near the outskirts of Seoul as people are digging their way out. Crazy.

Towering Above Seoul

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