A New Review for Genuine Fractals – Stuck in Customs

A New Review for Genuine Fractals

I put together a Genuine Fractals Review. This is a great tool for increasing the size of a photo without losing many details. I’m sure many of you have tried this with Photoshop and the like, but you probably didn’t know what you’ve been missing. After stretching in Photoshop, you may twist your head a little and say, “Yeah that looks pretty good.” That’s what I did for years! And then I gave this program a whirl and I was really amazed. Below are a few images from the review… but you can see all the goodies inside. Enjoy!

By the way, in case you are curious. The top photo is from Patagonia. The bottom one is some doors here in Austin in downtown… can anyone identify where exactly?

Double Your Photos - Crop at 5728 across

GF Interface

Door Before zoomed out