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Finally! A Book Announcement! “A World in HDR”

I am very excited to announce an HDR Book entitled “A World in HDR”!  It’s a 216-page book that should be everything you have been waiting for. The vast majority of the book contains select pieces from the portfolio along with extended descriptions, tips, and more information about how the photo was achieved. The second part of the book contains the HDR Tutorial along with a few bonus steps to help you get extra oomph in your creations!

Pre-Order Now Available

The book is now available for pre-order. It will be out at least a month before Christmas, although the exact street date depends on the publisher, Peachpit / New Riders. We will inform you as the date becomes more solid.

This has been a long process, and we have been looking at four different publishing partners. Peachpit had the strongest offering, and I am excited to work with them. We wanted to bring you the highest quality book by partnering with world-class organizations. These guys are very strong in this space and currently dominate the top 10 books in the booming photography category.

Two Exclusive Options

We are offering two options exclusively here on Stuck In Customs for pre-ordering. The first package is an autographed book. The second premium package includes an autographed book and a signed 9×9 and numbered exclusive print. This print will only be available in the pre-order premium package and then never be available again. We will shut down all online autographed book sales after the book hits the street. So, be sure to grab yours today! My family and I thank you in advance!

Your pre-order options are below. We are not accepting International orders at this time, but perhaps soon!

A World in HDR - The Book Announcement (by Stuck in Customs)

Inside the Book

The rich cover and interiors have been designed by the great French designer Fabien Barral, who also did the graphic design for the website. We have spared no expense in bringing you the highest quality book! More photos of the interior and other tidbits will be revealed in the next few months as we get closer to release.

Besides new and extended descriptions with various tips, the book will also feature several previously unpublished photos.

Because I like to teach by example, the book will feature over 100 photos that I consider to be some excellent examples of “HDR done right”. Whenever possible, I include tips and tricks and discuss the conditions of the shot. Often times, I also talk freely about various subjects that are related and help describe more about the way I think about these things. There are many thoughts and questions around human nature, the arts, science, religion, and more. This style has sprung up from the wonderful congenial and conversational style that has helped make this community so fun and exciting. I thank you all for your involvement, your passion, and your feedback. I appreciate it very much.

The Press Release:

If you’d like to read the full press release, head on over to the aptly named “Press Releases” area!

A selection of Images from the book

Farewell India

Adventuring Deeper into Patagonia (by Stuck in Customs)

The Lonely Road to the Dinosaur Dig (by Stuck in Customs)

Puzzling Over Beauty (by Stuck in Customs)

Anyone want to join me at the beach for a good conversation?

Merry D3Xmas from Trey and Stuck In Customs!

The Grassy Roof in the Central Icelandic Farms (by Stuck in Customs)

The Lonely Trinity (by Stuck in Customs)

Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night

Camel in the Wild

The river that ran through Lyon at midnight

The Bombing of Dresden

The Open Road

I've reached the end of the world

A Godly Dance at the Taj

Chicago Thaws into Spring (by Stuck in Customs)

The Icy Pit to Hell (by Stuck in Customs)

An Icelandic Horse in the Wild (by Stuck in Customs)