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The Angel

I think the (very nice!) regular visitors to the blog here know that I enjoy drawing. I’ve found that it has helped the photography quite a bit, and in unexpected ways. It now feels easier to notice lines, shapes, and negative space in a different way. At some point, words break down when trying to describe how one thing can bleed into another. It’s a lot like trying to describe a unique smell with words – is it even possible without being poetically silly? I don’t know!

I have my other drawings under the “Drawing” category there on the right, in case you want to see more. I don’t think I’m very good yet, and I still find these very hard to do. I am experimenting with various styles and looks, trying not to be afraid of unfamiliar genres. This is my first “cartoony” look… I tried to blend something eastern and western… anyway, I’m blabbing too much.

Speaking of blabbing, I have a very looong review of Nik Software coming up tomorrow. It also will feature a bunch of secret unpublished shots, so you can get a bit of a peak “behind the scenes”, so that sort of thing might appeal to you even if you are not the sort that likes playing around with cool photoshop filters.

The Angel



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