The Panorama of Patagonia – Stuck in Customs

The Panorama of Patagonia

I have put up a short Gigapan Review. The gigapan is a cool little machine that lets you make photos that are insanely huge.

This is the same photography tech that was used on the Mars rover, and I was able to jam it into my backpack during my hike in southern Argentina. Panoramas on the web are always a tough thing to show and share. The default size is always short and wide, and it loses a lot of the effect. Then scrolling and moving about seems to take away a little bit too. I think a lot about how people consume digital media on the web, and I’m not sure there is a great way to show off a panorama just yet. I’ve used dozens of GUIs, and they all seem a little bit clunky.

However, despite all those comments above, you can go here to the Gigapan site to see the full-sized version, zoom in, etc etc.

As you can see, it was a beautiful and rough place. I can’t believe I hiked for so long and didn’t twist my ankle once. The late afternoons heading into sunsets always had these clouds that were darker than the sky, making it all extra moody.

The Wiles of Patagonia, a 14K panorama (by Stuck in Customs)