The Twitter Storm hit the CapMac Meeting – Stuck in Customs

The Twitter Storm hit the CapMac Meeting

Someone sent me a message that photos are up from my recent talk at the CapMac meeting here in Austin. Thanks to the little Twitter swarm that showed up! It was fun… I wish I could have been in the middle of the Twitter chatting myself! But I couldn’t multitask like that… ! You can follow this link to CapMac if you want to see some photos from the event.

Below, I will show the final versions of the two photos that I edited during the tutorial portion of the talk.

Also, a small warning… I am off backpacking in the wiles of Patagonia for a few days. I did schedule a few posts (including this one), but I may drop my promise of “One Photo Per Day” yet again until I get back online! 🙂

Puzzling Over Beauty

Times Square at Dusk