I’m adventuring for about two weeks in Patagonia! – Stuck in Customs

I’m adventuring for about two weeks in Patagonia!

Ahh… another adventure!  This time I’ll be hiking with four Russians through the wiles of the edges of South America.

I’ve never been to South America.  How is this possible?  I don’t know… but I am now remedying that.  In fact, I’ve never been south of Costa Rica, and I have posted a favorite from there today.  That is of a volcano up near the border of Nicaragua.

Anyway, I’ll be spending a few days in Buenos Aires, Argentina before heading up into the Andes and edging into Peru.  There will be a lot of hiking, camping, and waking up at sunrise to shoot the glaciers.

Here’s a bit of a funny story about this trip.  So, I have a good Libertarian Kenyan friend who hooked me up with some of her simpatico friends in Argentina.  I mentioned that I was going to be doing some hiking in the Andes and I might pick up a sleeping bag while there, so I would not have to check one with my luggage.  They, in turn, hooked me up with one of the world’s top mountain climbers who was very nice.  He sent me an email saying he has the perfect sleeping bag for me in Buenos Aires and it would cost $700.  I thought “Jeez!”  And so then I got myself embroiled in this international chain of emails trying to figure out why a sleeping bag costs so much… like I am Buzz Aldrin camping on the moon or something.

Anyway, this chain of Libertarians has been very nice, but I decided to make it easy on everyone, so I just went to REI here in Austin to get something that should keep me and my camera gear cozy as I wait for the sunrise…

The Arenal Volcanic Plume