Her Evening Elegance – Stuck in Customs

Her Evening Elegance

A Texas sunset settled on the farm as we patiently waited for the sky to repaint itself every few minutes.

It was a very relaxing hour, watching the sun slowly descend through the clouds, interrupted on occasion by a stressful swapping of lenses.  I hate to get dust in the chamber, so the changing of lenses is always a high-anxiety event!  But the anxiety faded away pretty quick as we started watching the sunset again.

My friend Leslie had invited me out to her parent’s farm near Brady.  She’s an actress, a model, a photographer, and a bunch of other creative things…  so I had told her I would spend equal amounts of time shooting the farm, her animals, and her. It’s the old 33/33/33 rule of farm-shooting.    Anyway, I am sure some of you would rather see photos of her…  and still others of her animals…  but I can’t make everyone happy at once, so you’ll just have to wait a few weeks for me to sprinkle those in!  Until then, I hope you enjoy the sunset.

Reaching for the Sky