The Joker… my latest drawing – Stuck in Customs

The Joker… my latest drawing

Hey I know everyone comes here for photography, and primarily HDR photography at that!  Well, this is “kinda” photography, in that it is, technically, a photo.  The only thing more recursive is if I would have made a drawing of me taking a photo of this drawing, but, of course, I’d have to take a photo of that to so I could get it on the blog.

Normally, I hate to show work-in-progress.  It kind of takes the magic out of it a bit, you know?  Maybe not.  I remember a few days ago at the talk, I forgot to tell the crowd, “Okay look, this all may be a real disappointment to you all when you see how it is done!  Sometimes the best part of magic is not seeing the steps betwixt!”  But, oh well… it was a pretty techy crowd, and they like hangin’ out in Photoshop too…  It’s all good.

As you guys know, I think drawing is a nice way to help out with photography a bit…  I think it certainly helps you to notice things.  I mention a bit about that in an article here on the site (in case you missed it) called “10 Principles of Beautiful Photography“.

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The Joker... my latest drawing