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Rebekka in Nature

Whenever I drive from my home to downtown Austin, I listen to a few podcasts. One of them is the TWIP (This Week in Photography) podcast, and they recently interviewed Rebekka from Iceland. I had been lucky enough to shoot with her before when I was there, so it was nice to take a little trip down memory lane. When we had met, she was just getting into knitting, and now it’s turned into this major business for her, besides her other artistic pursuits. If you visit her Flickr page, you can see a bunch of nice photos as well as some of her sweaters. Besides those, she also made this green scarf seen below (you can see her knitting it here al fresco). She makes each one by hand and they take about a month… she’ll make you one, but be sure to offer her 4x her normal rate just to make sure you get to the top of the list!

Anyway, while I was with her, we went out to this fjord area about 100km outside of Reykjavik. There were horses milling about, so we got out to do some exploring. At first I was surprised how tame the horses were around humans and how easy it was for Rebekka, who, hitherto was known only to me as the camera whisperer.  I started going back through my photos from that trip, and I found this one to share with y’all.

One of her favorite things to do is jump in a car and go drive around Iceland to get lost. I like that so much too, that’s just what I did! Below the photo of Rebekka are a few shots from other fjords that knife into the meandering coastline and various places that kept me walking across the tundra as moody skies rolled in. She says she doesn’t take the raw beauty of Iceland for granted, and I believe her.

Rebekka in Nature (by Stuck in Customs)


The Earth

The Farm on the Fjord at Sunset

Winter is Coming