An Infectious Vote over at! – Stuck in Customs

An Infectious Vote over at!

There is this new website called Infectious where you can get these cool coverings for your laptop, iphone, car, or wall, I submitted three designs and I’m hoping you will come over and give me a little voting mojo! It was a tough choice figuring out a few to submit. Maybe I will do more next time. I didn’t have much time to do a wonderful layout with top-notch graphic design on the voting posters, but they came out okay.

Maybe if some of you have other shots you want me to submit to Infectious, let me know! Also, if you are skilled in graphic design, I may get you to whip up a few entries! If it wins, I’ll send you a free cover for your laptop or phone or whatever! I wish I had more time to enter all these contests… they are always kinda fun.

Anyway, you’ll have to create a quick login to vote, but it should be pretty easy after that to figure it out. Thanks in advance!

Entry 1 – Angkor Wat
Entry 2 – Red Heart Fireworks (fireworks exploding in a stormcloud)
Entry 3 – The Frozen Icy Pit of Gulfoss

Below are two of the entries along with the third picture…

Angkor Sunrise

The Fire Heart

The Icy Pit to Hell (by Stuck in Customs)