The Light Sculptures in The Breakers – Stuck in Customs

The Light Sculptures in The Breakers

These light sculptures are incredible to capture. I normally don’t like taking photos of “art”, and I rarely carry my camera around museums any more… I just feel strange taking a photo of something that is already a piece of art. I was explaining this to my mom a few weeks ago, and then she mentioned these shots from Palm Beach, which was a good example of where I go against my own rules. I think the asterisk here is that some pieces of art can be (and should be) captured to help the viewer evoke the same response that I did while I was there. I suppose you can say anything is art… lights, sculpture, architecture, and the like… And I shoot all of those things. Okay this is going too deep down a thread now, so I’ll just close it off by saying I don’t like taking photos of paintings on walls, but this kinda stuff seems fun and cool to me.

This first photo is a new one of this crazy-bizarre wall light. I don’t know what your Rorschach reaction to it might be… The other two photos are from the same restaurant there in The Breakers in Palm Beach. I didn’t eat in this restaurant… the first night I tried this other Italian restaurant that is part of the hotel called Mangia that had these bright yellow heirloom tomatoes with their caprese salad… they were the best tomatoes I had ever eaten… I had to go back the next night again since I couldn’t stand not tasting them again!

Edit: I found out these incredible sculptures are from an Israeli artist named Ayala Serfaty.

The Rorschach Light (by Stuck in Customs)

The Glowing Alien infantsacs (by Stuck in Customs)

Shrooms in the Lounge (by Stuck in Customs)