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The Place You Drew As a Child

This is one of those places I had always been looking for; I think maybe it’s one of those places that we are all looking for. I was happy to grab it and keep it part of my story.

There is a bit of drama to this one, I suppose. I had been adventuring on a little river about a mile from here. I had parked and walked off into the forest here in Wyoming by the Tetons, in search of these kinds of environs. I was shooting a nice part of the river and then I looked up — and a huge bull buffalo had walked up behind me, about ten feet away. These things are kinda dangerous and unpredictable! The bison was not impressed with my camera in the slightest, and he just regarded me for a while… It looked like my path would be blocked, so it gave me another reason to go deeper and further upstream.

After a bit, I found a huge beaver dam, that backed up this little lake, just large enough for me to fit in the frame…

(Oh, and a side note from yesterday’s thread… yes I have the D3X now, and my goal is to post the first shot from that beautiful beast on December 25th, which will thusly be known as D3X Day. I still have a wide myriad of shots from the D2X that I continue to process and post, so the next few years will have a broad mix…)

The Place You Drew As a Child (by Stuck in Customs)