My Five Favorites from Vancouver – Stuck in Customs

My Five Favorites from Vancouver

I really love Vancouver! It’s one of those places I always heard about… but I always discounted what was said because it was generally said by Canadians, who, unbeknownst to me, actually knew what the heck they were talking about.

Of the limited shooting I got to do while I was there, I was very happy it was stormy and rainly, since that’s the way it’s supposed to be up thataway. The first one is of the science museum, and I felt like it was a giant Tesla coil harnessing the power of the storm, or perhaps driving it. The others are scattered around everywhere from the picture perfect Stanley Park to the other side of the bridge on the way to Whistler.

The Tesla Coil in a Storm


Vancouver Bridge at Sunset

The Rainy Season of Vancouver

Morning Mist at the Lagoon