Congrats to everyone at the photo contest! – Stuck in Customs

Congrats to everyone at the photo contest!

I had the pleasure of being invited to be a judge at a regular photo contest here in Austin for the ACC Photography Department. I have spoken there before and I suppose I did just barely an acceptable enough job to be invited back! The students and faculty there are always extremely nice and I enjoyed being with them – a special thanks to William Tolan and Kathryn Watts-Martinez.

I wish I had more ribbons to hand out! There were some outstanding entries… There were about ten or so I almost gave it to, including this one masterful retouching I wish I could get my hands on to show you all. But they were all anonymous and I can’t find any of them!

I ended up giving the award to some gal with the last name Saunders who took a picture of that perfect barn in front of the Grand Tetons. She was not in town to accept the award, so I have no idea who she is! If you are reading this, contact me so I can post your photo here for the world to see… it’s quite amazing, and better than the ones I have taken, which still remain unpublished… I’ll probably get mine up in the next few months, but I don’t think it is as good as hers!

Here is a photo that I took in Wyoming just a few miles south from hers… (which I hope she sends soon!)

The Grand Tetons