A Facebook fan club, of all things, and a nice email from a guy who is now quitting his job – Stuck in Customs

A Facebook fan club, of all things, and a nice email from a guy who is now quitting his job

Today I saw on Flickr that someone started a fan club for Stuck In Customs on Facebook. So be sure to join it and get one of the last remaining spots since, well, it can hold an infinite number of people. Maybe we can prove the inverse paradox of Zeno by filling it up slowly and never getting to the halfway point. The previous sentence was a very nerdy joke and I apologize…

You guys can also find me on Facebook right here, so you can add me and we can be BFFF.

Moving on… I get nice emails all the times from all kinds of interesting people around the world. I got this one over the weekend from a nice chap named Tony who seems to have opened up a new photography chapter in his life!

Hey Trey, About 1.7 years ago i last emailed you. I saw your fireworks shot and it inspired me to leap into photography. I scored some gear and went shooting/learning. Since that email almost 2 years ago i have moved up a bit in know-how and rank as a photographer. Recently i have made the leap and started taking commercial photos. I have now shot and sold numerous works. I am retouching for authors and PR companies. I am shooting book covers, PR shots, Sr. photos, modeling/fashion..the list goes on. I didn’t even know what F-stop was when i started.

I recently made 1st place in explore with a clients shot that allowed me to post. It’s all thanks to a glimpse of your photo on a gawker banner while i was looking at gizmodo.com at work. I have plans to quit my day job (Sr. Director of Operations for a national credit card company) in the next 3 months… i just wanted to tell you that your work was the motivation for my new and wonderful life. I have never been more happy. I went to a flickr meet-up in my home town and i was like a celeb…people knew me i was the bell of the ball. I never thought for a moment i would ever get here. Today a man wrote me an email, he said he saw one of my HDR’s and it inspired him to take up photography. He wanted me to see his first HDR…it was a proud moment and i thought of the email i sent you a while back… it said the same thing… thanks man.

Anyway, I thought that was a pretty swell email. You can see his Flickr stream here.

In response to the nice memo and the first photo he saw, I am posting a few old classics from my  HDR Tutorial, which I suppose sent him down his own rabbit hole!

Fourth on Lake Austin

Le Crypto


Ghost in the Cathedral