A New Portfolio and Project Site – Stuck in Customs

A New Portfolio and Project Site

…treywiki disambiguity warning incoming… note this is not to be confused with the ACTUAL portfolio site at www.TreyRatcliff.com. Be warned that it’s one of those vindictive sites that takes over your screen, plays music, demands your full attention, etc etc. That seems kind of rude and presumptive these days, to do something like that to your browser, a newcomer I hardly know, but maybe you will forgive me if you actually enjoy the art and the music as one. I don’t know.

But there is a new artistic community that has the strange name of the Behance Network. I put together a collection of 20 of my most experimental digital art pieces there. I’ve put a few of them beneath. If you also have an artistic side and want to give that network a try, I think it might be worth a try. They have everything from illustration to graphic arts to motion graphics… It’s quite possible I will tire of it in a few months and never go back… I’ve very open-minded about my web 2.0 abandonment issues.

Winter is Coming

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The Farm on the Fjord at Sunset