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I’ve been lucky!

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to shoot with some of the best photographers in the world! And these are not just the few people that are on the cutting edge of HDR… just generally good photographers and good thinkers. There are several people out there still on my list to hit! Some of you may know who you are… the others may not!

After just getting to shoot with Kris Kros in LA, I thought I would show off a few of my favorite shots from these amazing artists…

First, in no particular order, we have the great Asmundur from Iceland:

Sunset at the blue lagoon ... (by asmundur)

A shed ... (by asmundur)

And here is Valpopando in Naples, Italy:

Valpoclassic ! (by Saint valpopando ; ))

Beautiful composition (by Saint valpopando ; ))

Here is Rebekka in Iceland:

letting go (by _rebekka)

Untitled (by _rebekka)

Here is Kris Kros from LA:

fight to the finish (by Kris Kros)

blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (by Kris Kros)

And last, here is Helga, yet another from Iceland!

gulping up the seas (by hkvam)

killing time (by hkvam)