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Miss Aniela with the Textures

So there is this Flickr-sensation gal named Miss Aniela.  She’s very creative and has ended up with a swarm of viewers who normally leave between 100 and 300 comments on each one of her pictures.  She started out doing these creative clone shots, and now she does a little bit of everything.  If I had to take a picture of myself each day, I think I might run out of ideas on day number 2.

She has been working with my textures a bit, and has been doing a nice job of it! I usually don’t post other photographer’s work on my blog, but I guess this is an exception because it was an amazing picture, and it uses my texture tutorial.  Also, there is a new coupon code of “NEWTRICKS” to get you 15% off on either the Basic Package or the Premium Package!

You can find out more about Miss Aniela here on her profile page, or check out her photo stream on Flickr.  She’s got a few semi and double-semi-nudes on there, so avert your eyes if easily offended.  Also avert your eyes of you are offended by British women.

Below is a shot of hers that she modified using my textures and tutorial: