Thanks for all the nice emails! – Stuck in Customs

Thanks for all the nice emails!

I wanted to take a break and thank all the nice people that email me every day. In my photography inbox, I have well over 14,955 emails unread in my box and it threatens to top 15,000 just after midnight. I don’t know if people realize how busy I am; I’m physically unable to respond to everyone.  Sorry about that! I only get a chance to read just a few emails per day and I kind of pick them at random.

I recently received a very nice email from a gal named Rebecca Coddington, whose name sounds rather British but I’m not sure where she is from… it was a very nice note and I asked if I could post it since people might like to read it. Here it is:

I just wanted to say that your photography is the most beautiful art I have ever seen. I don’t know if you will understand this comment, but, the pictures were almost too hard to look at because of all the emotions. I was moved to tears and I hung up on my friend because I was speechless. I am going through a very hard times these days so finding this site was a blessing for me creatively and emotionally. Thank you so much for breathing life back into me. You are my hero.

Here are a few of my favorite random shots from the last year to accompany that nice note!

Monkey Love

The Rainy Season of Vancouver


Dutch Biker



Norse Gods at Moonfall