The Red Lights of Melacca at Dusk – Stuck in Customs

The Red Lights of Melacca at Dusk

Melacca lights up at night. Throughout Chinatown and the surrounding area, every single building has these moody red lights that illuminate the exterior. No matter which way you look, you see glowing red alleys, swinging paper red lights, incense, little stores, little carts, food on the streets, and a lot of activity that goes well past midnight.

From all of these travels and eating in random places, I’ve built up a GI tract that is robot-like in strength. I now will stop and eat almost anything, anywhere, from any little cart. One great one I found was this little family that was making homemade mini-pancakes that were filled with peanut butter. I think I ate about 25 of them!

The Red Lights of Melacca at Dusk

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