Downtown Delhi on a Seasonably Hot Day – Stuck in Customs

Downtown Delhi on a Seasonably Hot Day

Cindy and I had an hour between meetings in Delhi. We ended up going off through the random streets here and there to see what we could find. She was looking for rugs and I was looking for antique chess sets. We found neither, but we did find a lot of interesting and chaotic activity…

I textured this, as part of my upcoming textures tutorial.  This thing is so overdue that I am SURE you guys think I am TEASING you now about it.. but it really is coming. The video tutorial and the textures are huge – it will be almost a 1 gigabyte download, so it takes awhile to set up all the logistics. Actually I am not doing anything – Ken is helping me out over at FastSpring. I just made the video and he is doing all the hard work of setting up the download processes!

Downtown Delhi on a Seasonably Hot Day

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