Vote for Bloggies and New Image on Getty! – Stuck in Customs

Vote for Bloggies and New Image on Getty!

It has once again come that time of the year to vote on the Bloggies! Please vote for in the “best photography of a weblog” category! 🙂 If you remember, last year, I lost to the Flickr Blog, which is now my mortal enemy. I think it is a ripoff that they won… I think the name “Flickr” got them most of the way there. The blog itself is not even updated that often.

When you vote, you will have to nominate at least 2 other blogs in other categories for your vote to count. I chose and, as well as a few others I normally visit.

Also, on another note, Getty has added another one of my images to their collection, so you may see it show up on a billboard, the side of a bus, or perhaps printed on the wrapper around the new Hong Kong burrito eggroll from Taco Bell.

Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night