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Updating my Portfolio

When you have a digital porfolio, it is really kind of hard to keep it all organized. It really is. Stuff ends up getting all over the place since there is no one best way to do it. I post at least one photograph here every day and I house most of them at Flickr. Flickr has its own portfolios, such as my Portraits portfolio or the Churches of Italy portfolio, but I also keep my own personal favorite portfolio at www.TreyRatcliff.com. Another company has contacted me at Portfolios.com where I have now put up another one. It doesn’t take any time at all… and my philosophy on this stuff is actually quite loose. I don’t think people have any one spot they go to consume digital media, so I kind of spread it around like breadcrumbs in the forest…

I added a few new pics to TreyRatcliff.com and here are a few from that portfolio site:

Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

The Secret Passageway to the Treasure

The Airy Doom of the Duomo